Shipping Methods - Changes

Shipping Methods - Changes



  • How are the parcels delivered?

The parcel's delivery is done by a cooperating courier company or transport company.


  •  What is the delivery cost?

 For parcels up to 2 kg, the shipping cost is 3.50 euros. Orders over 40 euros are sent free of charge.


  • When will I receive my order?

When you place an order, we receive it the next working day and send it after 2-3 working days. 

At inaccessible areas the delivery time may be a little longer and this is determined by the courier company.


  • At inaccessible areas the cost remains the same?

Yes, shipping costs at inaccessible areas generally remains the same. However, in case of any change, you will be informed before your order is sent via e-mail.


  • In which cases my order may be delayed?

Delivery time may be extended due to strikes, holidays, adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen events. In any case and for any change concerning your order you will be informed via email.


  • What happens if I am not at home on delivery?

In case you are not at the parcel delivery address at the moment you will receive a notification informing you of  delivery details. You may contact the delivery company so as to be sent to you again or if it serves you, to pick it up from the store in your area. 


  • How can I make sure that the parcel is delivered during my hours at home?

Usually companies inform you about the delivery of the parcel. When you fill in the order form you may write at comments that you wish the delivery company to contact you by phone before the delivery of the parcel.


  • How are the shipments  made in Cyprus and abroad?

For shipments to Cyprus or abroad, the cost and delivery time changes.

You may contact the estro online store for further information,  daily at or by phone during opening hours. 




  • The order I received is defective, what can I do?

You may return the product you bought if it is defective or if it has been sent incorrectly from the store, after contacting us within 10 days since you received your package. The replacement will be done immediately after confirming that there is a defect or that a mistake has been made.


  • I changed my mind and I want to change what I bought with something else.

If you want to change your product with something else, you may contact the store within 10 days since you received your order. If the product is intact, placed at a secure package without being used, along with the return form completed with your data, the change will be made within 10 days. The condition for making the change is to contact the store before sending your parcel back so as to verify that the product is intact.


  • Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order only if it has not been shipped.


  • What is the shipping cost for order changes?

If the order you received has a defect, the shipping cost is covered by estro. if you want to make a change for another reason, you will be charged with the shipping cost in its entirety.


  • How can I contact the online store estro for changes in my order?

You may contact the online store estro, daily at or by phone during opening hours. 

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